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The objectives of the Special Needs Taekwon-Do Federation of New Zealand:

1. To provide and promote the health benefits of Taekwon-Do to those with both physical and intellectual disabilities.

2. To improve the disability community in their fitness, flexibility, confidence, self esteem, self defence and well-being. To encourage a more positive life and to help those in the community see they can reach their full potential regardless of physical or intellectual disability.

3. To encourage and promote the sharing of resources between various community groups that will have mutual financial benefits and savings for all parties.

4. To foster synergy and collaboration between groups by bringing more groups together to broaden their networks.

5. To further demonstrate that by sharing and working in a cooperative arrangement, key funding providers will support this project with appropriate resources.

6. To be able to offer Taekwon-Do regardless of financial income.

7. To provide an educational national organisation for instructors throughout the country with ongoing courses and workshops.

8. To provide opportunities to the disability Taekwon-Do community to be able to participate in local, regional, national and international championships and training workshops.

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